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paris, france

p / J . +33 6 25 46 30 54

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_ OUR STORY... /

pierre&julie it's a couple yes but ... not only that. We are a real team.

After 10 years working for differents french TV and  production compagny in Paris cas editors, we wanted new challenges, to create more, to make our own films.

Films that remain, that leave a trace in time, where the emotions are there, always present.

We love your laughts, your tears of emotions and tender gestures. We love your crazy and your promises, we like the simplicity and strength that emerges.

We love the light and the cinema images that mark you.

What makes us vibrate is to leave you alive memories. It's to be behind our cameras to always look for how to tell you.


Two looks, two sensibilities, two presences ...

Our niche: to see everything for you.

pierre&julie, Paris, France


p / j .  +33 6 25 46 30 54

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