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Being shaken with shivers under the blow of an emotion, touching the sensitive, neuralgic point...


verb ; [vibʀe]


turn sound on !

Being there just for you, focused on the highlights, the details and the raw emotions.

Each of you is unique, each couple is different, each story is special: that's what we like to film. Capture what will remain for several years memories that make sense, of those who keep.

Our job, is to tell you...

"Photography is the truth

and cinema is twenty-four times the truth per second...


    Jean-Luc Godard.


Coralie & Marius

A very special film for us ... Not easy to put words on such strong emotions ...

A wedding in Tuscany near Florence, a region we love for its light, its sweetness, its gastronomy,

its wines...
Vali & Sean is the meeting of the Belgian and American cultures, it's the story of a love at first sight,

a "perfect match", a breath of fresh air. So when they asked us to follow them to tell their story, we immediately said yes!

Discover their film and what we hope will be a mark, a landmark in the continuation of their story.



p / j . +33 6 25 46 30 54

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