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What drives us, as wedding videographers: your bursts of laughter, your tears of emotion and tender gestures. We love your delirium and your promises, the simplicity and the strength that emerges from them.
Transmit emotions, passion. Translate the feeling of jumping into the void...

And above all, what drives us as storytellers: to tell you, you.
Your couple, your path.
To create a narrative to go beyond the boundaries of D-Day to tell your story.

Because what makes a love story beautiful are the flaws transformed into strengths. Our goal is to bring them to light and sublimate them.

The very essence of our job as a wedding filmmaker: creating memories.

Meet our brides and grooms and their stories through their films.

Our approach is simple: to testify who you are for each other, for your friends, your families. To tell what will be one of the cornerstones of your future life, to reveal it.
We are convinced of the incredible power of wedding films. They leave an indelible mark.

Our approach is natural and simple so as not to disguise who you are.
Our inspiration is found in the cinema, the documentary.

Amandine & Jim

"On l'a maté 5 fois d'affilé !!! Ca nous ressemble tellement...

C'est rythmé et stylé, on dirait un teaser d'une série !!!! Vous êtes des vrais artistes"

To be in the reality, in the world;

to be important and someone to count on...



verbe ; [εgzist]

"Some memories refuse to fade into oblivion,

whatever the elapsed time."

    Haruki Murakami.

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