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To tell the story of events, adventures, real or imaginary...



verb ; [rɪˈleɪt]

Our work: to film you. Our desire: to tell you. Our passion: to create unique stories.

What touches us are the couples. What makes a person decide to spend a part of their life with another person? Why him? Why her?
Your whole story has led you there, to this day. But it only makes sense because it's you.
Only because you made this choice.
We want to make a wedding film that can only be yours. Because it will be unique and different, just like you.

We propose 2 formulas (excluding travel and accommodation).


A formula with a film between the trailer and

the report of your D-day.

- 1 rendez-vous.

- 1 clip of 5 to 7 minutes, with music, editing and color grading.​

- 10 to 11 hours of presence 

-  delivery on private web gallery + download.​

For more details on the formulas:


What we propose here is to tell you everything that led you there, at that precise moment: your union.
To put all our creativity and our passion to write with you, who you are and what is your story.
This is THE formula for couples who want to go further.

- 1 rendez-vous, to get to know each other.

- 1 couple session before the wedding.

- 1 clip of 3 to 5 minutes, cinematographic style and documentary approach.

- 1 film of 8 to 10 minutes, reportage atmosphere with music and colorimetry.

- 10 to 11 hours of presence on the day 

- discount on private web gallery + download.


For both formulas, you have the possibility of adding the options which interest you, like a trailer 1minute, a long film (20mn), a civil ceremony in shifted, to compose your formula to measure...


- civil ceremony in offset   

- welcome dinner / brunch   

- couple session before the wedding 

- film of the ceremony and speeches of the relatives 

-  film 20 / 25 min   

- personalized usb key   

- additional hour   

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