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"What matters is not the trip, it is the one with which we travel."

    Jean-Luc Gendry.

Don't be shy! Tell us everything! Tell us who you are, how you envision your project. Your desires, your ideas. Do not hesitate to give us as many details as possible, our response will be all the more precise!

Merci ! Message envoyé.

12 years working for TV channels or production studios in Paris as editors

have shaped us.

Then we wanted new challenges, to create more, to make our own films. To go get what TV didn't give us: human.


We love the light and the cinema images that mark you.


What makes us vibrate is to leave you with vivid memories. It’s to be behind our cameras always figuring out how to testify.

Capture the moment, the energy, the bond that unites couples.


Two looks, two sensitivities, two presences ...

Our niche: tell you.



p / j . +33 6 25 46 30 54

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